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Institute of Physiology II


The Insitute of Physiology of the Medical Faculty Bonn performs tasks in research and teaching.

Physiology is the teaching of normal life processes in cells, tissues and organs; it is ine of the basic subjecs of medical studies.
We currently teach about 400 studens, 75 of whom are prospective dentists.
For the winter semester a second course of studies in human medicine was founded, which will be offered at the Bonn-Siegen campus in addition to the already existing course of studies in human medicine and in which students of the Bonn course of studies can also participate after the third academic year and change to Siegen.

In research at the Insitute of Physiology II, we deal with neurophysiological issues. With our basic research we want to improve the understanding of the function and development of the brain and thus contribute to a better understanding of learning processes and the development of diseases of the central nervous system such as dementia, Parkinson's and epilepsy. We use electrophysiological (patch clamp, extracellular field potentials), optical (Ca2+ - imaging, 2-Photon imaging), molecular biological and biochemical methods.



The Institute of Physiology I investigates diseases of the cardiovascular sytsem and aims to improve the understanding of the physiology of the developing and diseased heart.

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